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Create an environment

An environment is the infrastructure used by the platform to store data and run computation. The first thing to do when you have created a new project is to create an environment composed of a cluster and a data store.

  • Development : For experimenting your projects and models on the platform.
  • Testing : For testing your projects just before the production with the same settings.
  • Production : To use your pipelines in production and secure the access.


  1. Set up an environment
  2. Manage an environment

Set up an environment

The environment creation is available by email for the moment. In a next version, it will be possible to create, edit and delete an environment directly on the platform UI.

For the moment, you can send us your request by email to the address you have been given or on your dedicated Slack channel using this template:

——————————— My demand ——————————-

Choose between :
- Create an environment
- Edit an environment
- Delete an environment

——————————- Name of environment ——————————-

Precise the name of environment to create or the name of existing environment you want
to edit/delete

———————————- Hardware ——————————-

Choose environment size (see table below).

———————————- Tag ———————————–

Choose between this tag to set an environnement type :

- Dev
- Pre-prod
- Prod

Each environment is based on hardware infrastructure on the cloud. It’s possible to select different levels of size and computing power for this cluster according to your business use case and your usage.

Size Hardware Workers
CPU size 1 2CPU 4GB 2
CPU size 2 4CPU 16GB 2
CPU size 3 8CPU 32GB 2
CPU size 4 16CPU 64GB 2
GPU size 1 1GPU (T4) 16GB (VRAM) 2
GPU size 2 1GPU (A10G) 24GB (VRAM) 2

Manage an environment

If you need more size and computing power than expected, you can also change your environment size once your environment is already created. All you have to do is simply send a Slack message on your dedicated channel or an email to with the name of the environment and the new size you want.